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A full lifecycle approach to driving change & delivering results.

With more than a decade of working with clients, we have recognized the need and value of providing an end-to-end approach. While clients can choose their starting point, we know what it means to connect the dots from strategy through support and all the key steps along the way. Our catalog of service offerings spans the full lifecycle of service transformation including the following:


Offerings for Each Step of the Journey

Strategy & Plan: Identify your organizational challenges and pinpoint the technology solutions to revamp your operations.

Design & Deliver: Craft your unique, industry specific digital solution and deploy an integrated customer operations system.

Train & Transition: Prepare, inspire, and train your organization to drive user adoption and immediately see value.

Managed Services: Maintain and iterate on your new solution to support and match your pace of growth.



Map Your Way to Smarter Solutions 

Accelerate your digital transformation with Synaptic Advisors' proprietary Smart Maps. Our virtual, collaborative sessions walk you through a Smart Map that uncovers specific industry and functional areas for improvement, outlines your growth and operational goals, and delivers a transparent path to ongoing success.

Smart Maps take a holistic approach to understanding your full organization and are used throughout the entire engagement.

"By using Smart Maps, our company was able to reach a faster consensus virtually, and allowed us to get even greater buy-in on our goals. I was really impressed how useful it was. It became our north star for the rest of our engagement."

Nic Breidel

Director, Technology Product Management - Salesforce for Kaplan Professional


Strategic Advisory Services

Are you looking to transform your digital operations but don't know where to start? Synaptic Advisors will help you discover the possibilities for your customer service operations. Using our proprietary Smart Maps along with One-on-One Executive sessions, we will uncover your critical barriers, prioritize your goals, and deliver a transformation roadmap for your organization.

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Design & Delivery Services

Over the last 12 years, Synaptic Advisors has built and refined a design and deployment process that blends the unique needs of each organization with the optimal technology solution to achieve their business goals. By designing a smarter system that addresses your organization's critical needs, our industry experts and systems architects work with you to tailor each implementation for a seamless and supported deployment. 

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Training & Transition Services

Deploying technology that engages users, ensures high adoption rates, and immediately proves value to end users requires a thoughtful mix of organizational psychology and technical skill.  Synaptic Advisors works closely with your team every step of the way to prepare, train, and support users in taking on a new solution.  As experts in governance, security, and change management, we know that while transitions can be difficult, done right they help companies realize value immediately. 

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Managed Services

Technology today is a living and breathing system. That's why we partner with your teams far after you deploy a new technology solution. Synaptic Advisors is constantly engaging with new technology, integrating the latest advancements, to ensure your system is supporting  growth and reflects your ever changing business needs. Personalized Managed Service packages provide the level of service support your organization needs for your operations. 


The Silver Package includes administrative training, maintenance of operational documentation, and basic system support. With monthly touch points, it's our most limited service offering for organizations who are largely independent and confident in their new solution.


The Gold Package expands the Silver managed service offering, increasing number of touch points with system architects and includes additional end-user support sessions, technology release-readiness reviews, and innovation workshops. 


Building on the Gold Package, the Platinum managed service offering provides the highest level of support. With weekly user tips, team building support, governance, and new user trainings, you will have expert guidance with you every step of the way.  

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