Solutions Designed for Nonprofits


Share your mission and increase your impact through cloud-based tools designed for nonprofits.

With the power of Salesforce, Synaptic Advisors will help you secure the tools and processes for effective fundraising and grantmaking, program marketing and management, operations, and more. Synaptic Advisors will work with your nonprofit to determine effective, scalable processes and procedures to further your organization’s mission.

Increase giving, cut costs, and encourage organizational growth.

Putting Nonprofits First

With Nonprofit Cloud,’s cloud-based CRM tool designed specifically for nonprofits, real-time insights about your programs and fundraising inspire data-driven decision-making organization-wide.

Program Management

Your mission is the heart of your organization– and program management is the pulse. Without robust data collection and management tools, your organization’s mission may never reach its full potential. With actionable insights and detailed analytics, our comprehensive data management solutions will take your mission to new heights.

Fundraising/Donor Relations

Develop fruitful, long-lasting relationships with donors by unlocking key behavioral insights. You’ll learn more about your donors while managing fundraising events and initiatives with ease. Along the way, real-time analytics will ensure your donor communications are accurate and insightful.

Grants Management

nsure your community receives the support they need through comprehensive grantmaking tools. provides a user-friendly, collaborative platform that increases the speed and accuracy of your grantmaking.


How We Do It

Advisory Services

We listen. Our advisory services are built on attention to your organization’s processes, procedures, and current CRM use. We will collaboratively develop a roadmap for your implementation, providing expert advice each step of the way.

Implementation Services

Work together for change. Our iterative, collaborative approach allows us to proactively adjust based on your feedback. At the start of the project, we collectively define project requirements, rules of engagement, prioritization, and more. Throughout the project, we partner with your team to increase positive results and mitigate risk. And as your project nears completion, we train your team to use the new Salesforce features to their full potential.

Managed Services

Maintain your momentum. When you implement a solution with Synaptic Advisors, you have access to support long after initial implementation. Synaptic Advisors offers managed services and staff augmentation, providing expert resources to ensure your organization’s continued success.

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