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Since 2008, Synaptic Advisors has been transforming patient care with HIPAA compliant software solutions designed to transform every kind of healthcare organization. During these unprecedented times, improve patient care with critical data to personalize care, increase productivity, and decrease cost. From scheduling and health assessments, to patient portals and care management, we know the apps, accelerators, and data solutions to help you scale and support patients and physicians.


Smarter Solutions for Complex Healthcare Operations


360° Patient View

Get a full view of each patient with real- time data that helps to inform each interaction from scheduling a visit to asking a question about a rejected claim.  By better understanding the patient and their history, each interaction with the patient can be customized to provide the tailored experience they deserve.

Personalized Care

Enabled by data, support positive, long-term healthcare outcomes. Leverage data from your EHR combined with data from health assessment to stratify your patient population and develop informed care plans.  Collaborate with care teams, the patient, and their family to ensure all health goals a met.

Maximum Efficiency

Optimize the way your teams work with a solution that makes it easy to take the correct next steps with each patient.  Equip your team with the data and automated, intelligent workflows that inform each interaction, providing consistent service to your patient each and every time.

Reduce Costs

Automate your operations and implement patient-specific treatments with ease. Put data at your team’s fingertips,  collaborate seamlessly, and enable your team to provide amazing service quickly and easily.

Actionable Analytics

Merge critical patient data across health networks and convert insights into data-driven decisions. Leverage these actionable analytics in real-time to reduce costs and improve the quality of the care you provide.


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Healthcare Segments We Support

By equipping your team with modern tools and smart data,  providers and payers can transform the way they engage with their patients and members.


Patient Access

Make it easy to support your patient population.  Improve interactions with your patients by surfacing pertinent patient data to your team at the right time.  Take the guesswork out of each interaction and help inform the conversation by leveraging automation, guided flows, and AI. Offer new, more convenient ways to interact with your patients, like inline chat, member portals, and allow your patients to participate in their care the way they feel most comfortable.


Coordinated Care Management

Providers and payers require real-time insights in order to provide quality coordinated care, at the lowest possible cost. We support your efforts to devise effective care strategies for at-risk members, drive care planning, and surface next best actions to increase positive health. Our tailored care solutions help care teams set goals, track interventions, and collaborate efficiently so their time can be better spent caring for their patients.


Health Assessments

Speed up health assessments by going digital. Leverage the data you already have to pre-populate fields, use conditional logic to ensure you are only asking questions relevant to the patient, and provide your care team with instant access to the data they need. Use the data to automatically generate insights into the patient's health and trigger follow up actions. By getting rid of paper assessments, we can help you improve efficiency, increase insights, drive patient satisfaction, and boost revenue.


Patient Visit Scheduling & Dispatch

Make scheduling and logistics quick and seamless across your care management team. Easily review individual team member availability, location, and skill set to dispatch the best personnel for each patient visit. Simplify daily operations of your care team by providing individualized calendars to give them a clear view of their day and get them to each visit as efficiently as possible with optimized route guidance.



Telehealth is more critical than ever before. Give an integrated, seamless experience to each patient with a robust system that provides quick insight into each patient’s medical history and makes collaboration and task management easy so that providers can focus on the patient.


Provider Referral Management

The growth and management of a provider’s referral network is critical to the success of their practice. Because relationships with physicians are essential to maintaining a regular influx of patient referrals, we design custom solutions that give you a 360-degree view of your physician network so you can forge and maintain relationships that provide a steady stream of new patients and reduce patient leakage.


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