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Real Experts  +  Intelligent Tools  =  Better Outcomes

Getting the most out of Salesforce Industries requires real experts across the generations of Vlocity and OmniStudio to drive best practices and solve complex architecture issues.  We go a step further by equipping our architects with purpose-built, AI-powered tools that allow us to deliver impact faster, better and at lower cost than the alternatives. 

SFI Expert

Our SFI Expert Services catalog includes targeted offerings such as our SFI Vlocity Migration Service,  SFI Performance Plan that address specific, well-known technical challenges.

We also offer SFI Managed Services to provide on-going maintenance, enhancements and operational support and SFI Custom Consulting Services to address other needs including DevOps pipeline and process engineering, upgrade process design, architecture best practices, architecture governance, and SFI technology road-mapping.

SFI Vlocity Migration

Tap our SFI experts and AI-powered SFI Migration Tool to plan and execute your transition from the legacy Vlocity managed package to Salesforce Industries.

Organizations gain many benefits by upgrading including: improved user experience, access to new features, less tech debt, and automatic upgrades..   

Migration, however, can be complicated and expensive.  We simplify and accelerate this effort.  Combining our experience, best practices, and purpose-built tools, we deliver the transition with speed and precision.

Our services take you through the entire process from assessment through validation. Step one is to analyze your org and build an actionable migration blueprint.  Lets get started. 

SFI Performance Plan

Tap our experts and our SFI Performance Tool to analyze your org,  determine the root cause of your performance issues, and build a roadmap to ensure best practices for a consistent and compelling end-user experience. 

SFI Managed Services 

Tap our experts for on-going governance, operations and enhancements.  Maintain your Salesforce Industries center of excellence throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

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